Timeless Victorian Hairstyles With Pictures

Middle Part with Sausage Curls

Classic Victorian hairstyles have Sausage Curls. This is a hallmark of Victorian hairstyles. Additionally, middle-part hairstyles have always existed. 

Curly Knotted Updo

When Gibson Girl hairstyles were trendy, full updos gained popularity. One of Gibson Girl's iconic styles, this Curly Knotted Updo takes you back.

Slick Middle Part with Messy Bun

Combining two classic styles created a Victorian Classic. A sparkling middle-part hairdo with carefully brushed sides looks clean and elegant.

Simple Updo with Curly Fringes

Curly hair and updo styles created a new Victorian hairdo. Curly fringes gave appeal to the modest updo, while sausage curls in the rear were fashionable.

Clean Edwardian Pompadour

Victorian seals adorn Edwardian Pompadours. This style for men and women surprised everyone when it came out. This haircut featured crisp, elevated pompadour sides and back.

Long Middle Part

Because long hair was the norm, most Victorian fashions included it. Similar to this Long Middle Part, the traditional middle-part appearance dominates.

Natural Perukes

Perikes were popular in Victorian times. At that time, only the nobles wore it. Modern Victorian lovers have embraced this fake hairdo as a natural haircut. This version exemplifies that style.

Parted Pompadour

Modern artistic hairstylists enhanced the Victorian Pompadour style. After years, a middle-parted Pompadour revived Victorian Gothic. Both sides' inward curves were fascinating.

Short Curls

We said that Victorian hairstyles included curls. Curls offered abundant hair when hair was long. Curls remained popular when hair length decreased.

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