Timeless And Classic Short Hairstyles For Girls

1. Dark Brown Textured Bob

When you're at the workplace, try out this brown textured hairstyle with precise volume. Women who like sophisticated and traditional concepts will appreciate this soft cut with fluffy bangs.

2. Black Hair Textured Bob

The asymmetrical fluffy back will appeal to you, especially if you enjoy following trends and trying out different styles on a regular basis.

3. Natural Brown Textured Bob

A textured haircut and this dark brown natural hair color will appeal to those who want low-maintenance looks. 

4. Blonde Shaggy Lob

Because a bright blonde haircut like this one requires touch-ups and care, color it every four weeks. The finished product is quite fun and flirtatious.

5. Yellow Blonde Shaggy Lob

A yellow-toned shaggy bob is ideal for people who enjoy warm tones and brighter highlights in their hair. This lob is simple and classic, making it suitable for anybody!

6. Bright Orange Shaggy Lob

If you want to attract a lot of attention and glances, try this haircut and this unusual color. For the fall season, a bright red or orange dye is a must-try.

7. Pixie Hair With Highlights

Moms in their forties may prefer this appearance the most. Experiment with this pattern if you want to make a minor alteration to your pixie haircut.

8. Blonde Pixie Hair Look

Apply a small amount of hair gel to keep the bounce throughout the entire day and for any formal or informal occasion.

9. Short Brown Pixie Hair

Wear your hair short and natural while wearing this pixie! Simple bangs will work well in this scenario and with this hairstyle. For optimal results, cut them every two weeks.

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