Body Language Hacks That Will Make Anyone Want You

1. The wink

A lighthearted wink with just the perfect amount of mischief delivers a clear message. 

Unless you have sand in your eye or are from a culture where the wink has a different meaning, you are unlikely to wink at someone unless you are interested or find them appealing.

2. The smile

When you want to attract someone without speaking, a grin is essential. A smile is worth a thousand words, not to mention a thousand corny pickup lines. 

Of all the things that people find appealing, a grin is typically non-threatening, pleasant, and inviting. If you are the first to grin, it displays confidence, which is another quality that individuals seek in their personal partners.

3. The lean

It expresses "I'm interested in what you're saying," just as the lean back expresses "I'm only half listening to what you're saying while I look around the room."

The way you lean might be the difference between acquiring a real phone number and getting a bogus one.

4. The eye contact

The key to eye contact is to have just enough but not too much. Respect is communicated through eye contact throughout a conversation. 

Too much eye contact, on the other hand, might be unsettling... and leave the person you're wooing convinced that something is amiss with you or her.

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