9 Easy Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair To Try ASAP

1. Updo with Flat Twists

Box braids and giant cornrows may tug on edges and weigh down your hair, which is the reverse of what you desire. Try twisting to avoid this.

2. Classic Braids

Bob-length numerous braids all over the head are perfect for free-hanging shorter protective hairstyles. The best braid part? They last weeks and require little upkeep.

3. Upswept Updo with Twisted Layered Bangs

Front bangs frame the face and provide a lovely asymmetrical element to your updo. The back is elegantly upswept, adding height and grace.

4. Headband Flat Twist Updo

Side-part your long or short hair and twist the front into a feminine Bohemian braid. The hairdo is simple to do at home without equipment.

5. Flat Twisted Updo

Flat twists are unsurpassed in variety, and your creativity is the only constraint. As usual with flat twists, this updo is beautiful and works on various hair lengths.

6. Pineapple Updo

Pineapple updos include piling hair in front. It also lets you sleep with curls and twist-outs without crushing them.

7. Twisted Protective Style

Short natural hair shrinks after washing, making it look chopped. This rules out numerous updos. Try separate twists or braids for texture or flare.

8. Side-Parted Two Chunky Twists

When medium-length natural hair requires sun and heat protection, two long twist braids are ideal. Perfectly feminine and elegant braids without colors or decorations.

9. Criss Crossed Cornrows

Like flat twists, cornrows are hairstyle versatility's MVP. This cornrow hairdo is ideal for summer braids that are fresh. Beachy, laid-back lower back braids. 

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